‘Delusions’ by Dennis Stephens

This is a new transcription of a short talk by Dennis Stephens, as discussed in a previous post.

You can download the 52Kb pdf file from this link.

The term delusion may suggest some heavy mental issue, but we all have them. A delusion is a misconception, a false impression. It may persist for a lifetime, or it may vanish in laughter when we look at it closely. In fact, laughter is the explosive rejection of a delusion. The essence of humour is the creation of a delusion, followed by the surprising revelation of its falsity.

There are two basic types of delusion in this universe: to believe that a thing exists when in fact it doesn’t, or to believe it doesn’t exist when in fact it does. However complex a delusion appears, it can always be broken down into one or the other, or both, of those types.

The original audio can be found online at Tromology and TROM World.


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