‘Level Two of TROM’ by Dennis Stephens

This is a new edited transcription as discussed in a previous post.

You can download the 110Kb pdf file from this link

Level Two of Dennis Stephens’ The Resolution of Mind or TROM is an exercise in differentiating an object in present time from a comparable object in the past. We do this by finding differences between them. A difference is a quality that one object has but the other lacks. For example, I started Level Two by comparing pencils on the desk where I was doing the exercise with the pencils I had used in primary school.  There are complete instructions for Level Two in the book The Resolution of Mind; Stephens later taped this essay to explain the theory further.

Elsewhere, he took the view that all relationships between things can be expressed as implications, postulates of the form ‘if a then b’.   So if we decide “if object A then quality X” and “if object B then not quality X”, then the presence or absence of X is the difference between A and B. Conversely, a similarity between A and B would be some other quality that they have in common.

Of course, any two objects in the universe have differences and similarities.  If they had no differences, not even different locations in space, they would not be two but the same identical object. Level Two breaks the command power of the mind over a person by separating past from present.


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