Petition: Un-trademark Scientology

Geir Isene has opened the following online petition:

Petition: Un-trademark Scientology
To: United States Patent and Trademark Office Petition to cancel the trademark SCIENTOLOGY

Words designating a science such as biology, gerontology etc. should not be trademarked for obvious reasons. Such is the case with Scientology if  one considers the following:

1) scientology is a word  designating a science, as evidenced by the publication of Scientology, science of the constitution and usefulness of knowledge, by Dr. A Nordenholz (1934). Later it was defined as a  science – the study of the human spirit in its relationship to the  physical universe and its living forms – by L.Ron Hubbard in Ability Magazine 146 and in numerous other publications.

2) scientology in the 21st Century has become a generic term describing the philosophy, science and theories used by many people considering themselves scientologists (incl. independents).

3) the trademark holders  have abused the rights in an attempt to deny other scientologists, not affiliated with the trademark holder from using the term describing the science.

Scientology is the study of knowledge: of yourself as the knower, of how there is anything there to know and of how you know it. It’s close to being a synonym for epistemology, metapsychology, or prajñāpāramitā – all these words carry the idea of using thought to examine the process of thinking. Another good definition comes from L. Ron Hubbard in the first edition of his book The Fundamentals of Thought: “that branch of psychology which treats of (embraces) human ability”.

I’ve noticed the paradox that most of the people who have any claim to the title of scientologist these days avoid that term. No wonder, when the word itself has been brought into disrepute by the Church and its Sea Org. The true scientologists, however they choose to identify themselves, are almost all outside the Church. They are the people who have continued to study and develop the subject and to relate it to other areas of knowledge.

As a scientologist, I am personally insulted when a man like David Miscavige calls himself not just a scientologist but the ‘Leader of Scientology’. In fact, Miscavige is the de facto leader of an American corporation trading under the business name ‘Church of Scientology’ and claiming intellectual property rights in the words scientology and dianetics as well as all published works attributed to L. Ron Hubbard. And this corporation uses its claim to restrict the freedom of people around the world to access and discuss these works.


2 Comments on “Petition: Un-trademark Scientology”

  1. Poet13c says:

    Well said, David. I signed the petition without hesitation, and fully agree with it.

  2. Poet13c says:

    Reblogged this on Poet13c and commented:
    Geir Isene has opened the following online petition:

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